Altering Mind

Altering Mind


Our world is fast, busy, everything is passing us by at such a rate, its hard to keep ourselves in check and not loose our way with the stress that it brings.


This series of images looks at how at times we find it hard to cope, we don"t share our problems with others, even those close to us. For some, its a breaking point and we go into self destruct mode.


This year has seen a campaign to reach out to those that suffer or suffering depression, and to say its ok, theres help and you don't have to hide it or be embarrassed by using the word 'depression'.


This sequence of images I hope might help you see at least one image that you an relate to, and with final view images you can see there is a time when things will feel better about yourself and your life, you just have to reach out to get help and advice.


Your not alone..

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