Collaboration Projects

Collaboration Work

I'm part of a network of people that are looking to expand there portfolios or have projects to create certain types of work. It's a way of promoting an array of thoughts and knowledge to come up with ideas that everyone involve brings something to the table. It is self founded, but once its out there, it becomes part of their portfolio as well as mine to show the skills and abilities that we all have.


For the most part, its fun but also ways to brings together people that have artistic ideas. The photography and model industry is a hard place to get recognised in, so work like this is so important for all concerned, to show potential viewers which are looking for that special something that has been created from nothing, no script, no set piece but an idea that transcends into something great by people that have a place in the Industry, whether its as a photographer, model or makeup artist.


This page is dedicated to the work done with people from the above, its my chance to show my skills as a photographer that self edits the images and works with others who are mentioned for their part in the collaborations.