Sophie Alexandra Shoot

Sophie is young and only just under 18yrs old, but has a love of modelling as well as other things in her life that revolves around her. Her mum, Julie is a great supporter of what Sophie wants to achieve.

They travelled down to Bristol at a time when the Winter weather had shown its face, and I wasn't sure if the shoot would go ahead, but they made it.

The wonderful Alistair Barclay offered his services as MUA for the shoot and did a great job on the makeup. It's surprising how much equipment he has to bring with him, but its covering every base.

We had all looked at a number of outfits they had brought with them and decided on which was best for the shoot.

In the final part of the day, Sophie had the idea of throwing a light scarf into the air, and then me capturing the right moment. It was a case of trial and error, but we got some great images that's part of this collection of images from the shoot.


MUA - Alistair Barclay

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