Upfest 2017


Bristol is known for its street art and may have been contributed the fact that Banksy, one of the most famous graffiti artist in the last couple of decades, is from Bristol originally and his work can be found in many places.


The Upfest - The Urban Paint Festival, created in 2008 between three crazy but art loving individuals. Inspired by Super Cans (Southampton), Cans Festival (London) and the growing number of paint jams around the UK, Upfest was born.

Upfest was originally conceived to get a group of 20 like minded artists together for a day of painting here in Bristol, however the first festival quickly grew to 50 artists once the word was out. It also help that one of the organiser had just been made redundant for the second time in 8 months and had too much time on his hands, after securing (through a few white lies) a fantastic Bristol venue, the Tobacco Factory, the first Upfest took place in October 2008.


I wasn't able to get out during the weekend of the event, but then I think that many photographers would be out there doing what I was intending to do, which is photograph the street walls.

North Street, Bedminster is known for its art theatre at the Tobacco Factory and the pub called The Hen and Chicken that I remember from years ago as a local community pub, but it has change somewhat. But the Bedminster is a multicultural area and in my time was a good place to do a pub crawl.


Street art is what it is, painted murals done by amazing spray can artist on the side of buildings, which is there to stay as long as the person owns the building allows it. On the weekend of the Upfest, people don’t park their cars in the way of the work being done and on show to the public. But going round after the event, I see the art become part of the street in its everyday form. With cars parked in front, people walking by and the world running as normal. So I’ve gone out to capture the street art in its everyday form and how the colours of cars etc becomes partially part of the image I've captured. It's a different approach to seeing street art, in how we see it on a normal everyday view.

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