Woodchester Mansion Shoot

Woodchester Mansion is set in the heart of Gloucestershire, UK. As you approach the main gate, it has a track that's over a mile long and is all down hill through a wooded area. Once you reach the bottom of the valley, it opens out in fields on one side of the house.

The mansion house apparently has never been really lived in, or completed in build as it was pass from one to another over the time since 1845. It was purchase in 1998 by Stroud District Council and then the following year the Woodchester Mansion Trust was formed and now looks after the building and continue to raise money from visitors to the estate to one day bring it to its original design.

The mansion has beautiful lime stone walls and a really high roof, and large windows that make for a great setting to photograph in. I only had access to the ground floor, due to my wheelchair, but I made great use of the rooms and an amazing large mirror, which I'm not sure where it came from.


The Dream Team are a great bunch of people that work together on projects, and this is one of the largest they've done, and so a privilege to be part of. Everyone brings something to the table, and share ideas on lighting, location and ideas to create an image that stands out from each others work. the models and MUA's give their time and effort to the shoots, and always looking to have something different to add to their portfolio's.


Theses image were created with the help of the following people:


Steph Kiddle

Anka Marcinow-Lach

Scarlett D'Arc

Dani Isaacs

Kate Pritchard

Helen Morgan-Rogers



Jessica Abbott

Lowri James

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